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Vehicle Health Check

FREE Vehicle Health Check

Keep yourself, your family and your car safe on the road. Book a FREE 30-point safety check at Les Pauls.

We understand it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to keep your car healthy. That’s why we offer every customer a free Vehicle Health Check with each visit.

Winter or summer, new car or used car, safety problems can arise with little warning. So whether you’ve just bought a used vehicle or you’ve heard a worrying sound coming from the engine when driving, let our trained technicians put your mind at rest.

Our comprehensive vehicle safety check covers lights, brakes, wheel bearings, tyre pressure and other crucial safety points.

Following your vehicle health check we will talk you through your report advising where necessary should we identify any amber or red conditions. There’s no obligation to carry out any of the work, you will simply be advised of any actions we may recommend.

See our 30 point car safety checklist below for full details.

Check Inside Vehicle Under Bonnet  Tyres Check Brakes
Horn Operation Brake Fluid Condition/Leaks NSF Depth / Condition Front Pads wear
Climate Control Battery Condition OSF Depth / Condition Front Discs wear
Front & Rear Washers Coolant Condition/Leaks NSR Depth / Condition Rear Pads wear
Instruments/Warning light Engine Oil level/leaks/condition OSR Depth / Condition Rear Discs condition
Selt Belt Operation/Condition V.Belt Tension/Condition Hand Brake Condition


Check Under Vehicle Check Outside Vehicle Check lighting Check Wheels
Steering Wheel condition Front Wiper Blades Condition Front Operation/Condition Spare Wheel
Suspension wear condition Rear Wiper Blade Condition Rear Operation/Condition Alignment
Drive Link Condition Windscreen chips / Cracks
Exhaust System condition


If you don’t have time for a full Vehicle Health Check, why not pop in for a Free Tyre Safety Check. We’ll check and adjust your tyre pressure, check your tyre condition and tread depths.

Give your car a clean bill of health with Les Pauls! To make your booking, call 020 8551 8537 or email

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