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Screen Repair

Windscreen Repair

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At Les Pauls we offer a Windscreen Repair service for your cracked or chipped windscreen.

We would always advise to repair a chip as soon as possible, a chip can turn into a crack at any time and once the screen has cracked, it will need replacing.

If you are unsure what you need and require some expert advice as to the best solution for your vehicle, call us today to discuss your requirements.

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A repair works by injecting an acrylic resin into the area of damaged glass.

When cured with the application of 365nm Ultra Violet light the repair will restore both strength and optical performance to the damaged area of glass.

Why Repair damaged windscreens?

  • Because a repair is a fraction of the cost of a new windscreen (it may even be free if you are insured fully comprehensive)
  • No loss of no claims bonus
  • No need to disturb the windscreen
  • No risk of windscreen water leaks
  • No damage to windscreen mouldings
  • No waiting – repairs take a few minutes


How long do I have to wait before I can drive the car?

  • The car can be driven immediately after the repair is completed

Are repairs acceptable for the MOT test?

  • Yes

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