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Trim Repair

Trim Repair

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At Les Pauls we have the ability to carry out a trim repair and restore your damaged Volkswagen or Audi back to pristine condition.

Car trim repairs, such as tears to your car upholstery, dashboard and vinyl damage, leather repairs, can now be carried out cost effectively, to the highest quality, and within a few hours.

Be assured that Les Pauls offer a completely professional car interior and upholstery repair service for your convenience.

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For a rapid and expert car trim repair service on your velour upholstery, look no further than Les Pauls. Our specialists can undertake a multitude of minor car upholstery repairs, such as unsightly cigarette burn holes, on both plain and patterned velour upholstery and carpets. Our colour matching system means that any repairs will be virtually undetectable, restoring your car’s interior to as good as new.
Cigarette burns/holes in both plain and patterned velour/upholstery and carpets can be matched.

Vinyl and Leather Repairs
A car trim repair to tears and scuffs in both vinyl and leather seats can also be undertaken to a pristine standard. If a repair can’t be carried out, we can offer alternatives, in most instances we can have a new section sewn into the trim, avoiding an expensive replacement.

Dashboard Holes
Holes in hard vinyl surfaces can be filled and colour matched, ensuring that all dashboard repairs leave your car looking pristine and unblemished. We are also able to fill the holes left in dashboards after the removal of mobile phone handset cradles.


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