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Paint Chip Repair, carried out to preserve the paintwork on your Volkswagen or Audi.

Our specialists are capable of repairing everyday wear and tear to your car bodywork. Stone Chips are an everyday occurrence on the roads today, they are pretty much unavoidable.

Taking your car to a bodyshop to have minor repairs paint chips and scratches carried out, can be an expensive process. It makes sense to consider a chip repair before using the bodyshop option.

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Car paint chips and scratches are not only unsightly, but will drive down the resale value of your Volkswagen or Audi. Neglecting to undertake scratch removal or a chip repair on your car’s paintwork can also lead to chronic and escalating corrosion problems – meaning you could needlessly incur extra, but avoidable, costs in the future. Typically, a car scratch repair will take just a few hours to complete, at a fraction of the cost of using a traditional body shop.

During the process, colour matching is undertaken to the manufacturer’s original code specification. Therefore, instead of an expensive paint repair across a whole panel, our professionals only need to paint the damaged area. So whether you need one single car scratch removal, or multiple scuffs repaired and removed, the work can be undertaken in a relatively short amount of time, restoring your car paintwork to pristine quality.


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