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Bumper Scuff Repair

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Bumper scuffs repair facilities at Les Pauls for your Volkswagen or Audi.

We provide cost effective repairs for all makes and models of cars.

Bumper damage not only harms the appearance of your vehicle, but also significantly affects its resale value.


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Bumper Scuffs and Repairs

Car bumper scuff damage can not only harm the appearance of your Volkswagen or Audi, but also significantly affect its resale value. Rather than spending money on an expensive complete bumper replacement, you can now restore your bumper to pristine condition.

On average, it takes just a few hours to completely and professionally repair minor cosmetic damage to plastic and textured bumpers, ultimately saving you time and money.

Restore you Volkswagen or Audi to its former glory

Whether your car bumper is painted or textured, you can be assured that our specialists will be able to completely repair and remove any minor cosmetic damage caused by bumper scuffs, cracks, scratches and dents.

You can expect excellence and a high quality finish on your Volkswagen or Audi, we cross check the manufacturer’s original colour code specification to ensure that the colour and texture of your bumper is seamlessly restored. And because we only need to restore the affected areas, bumper repairs carried out are extremely cost-efficient to complete.

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