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Automatic Transmission Service

We recommend you should have your transmission serviced every 40-50,000  Call 020 8551 8537

Modern transmissions tend to come sealed for life with no recommended service intervals. Ever since the removal of  the automatic transmission service from the maintenance schedule the oil and filter change is no longer carried out. We have now seen a heavy rise in transmission repairs and failures.

Transmission filters need replacing, would you service your car without changing your oil filter?

Along with many other automatic transmission service specialists we recommend replacing the oil and filter between 40-50,000 miles on your Volkswagen or Audi.

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Automatic Transmission Service 

Some manufactures advise that there transmissions are sealed for life, however we all know that in the real world even the best specification oils degrade, and what exactly does Lifetime mean? we believe that the lifetime of your transmission can be extended with a service every 40,000 miles or every 4 years and in our experience not changing the oil has caused problems including slow or jerky gearshifts and in some cases premature transmission failure.

Why Service your Transmission

Regular servicing will restore the efficiency of your transmission and you will have that” like new feel” again, along with many miles of trouble free operation. Reducing the risk of gearbox failure on your Volkswagen or Audi.

A complete transmission service should include:

  • replacing or cleaning the screen or filter
  • cleaning the pan
  • reinstalling the pan with a new pan gasket
  • pumping out the rest of the old oil and replacing it with new, high quality fluid

Some of the benefits of an Automatic transmission service;

  • Extends transmission life by providing resistance to oxidation, sludge formation and varnish
  • Reduces risk of premature transmission failure
  • Promotes smooth shifting
  • Fresh fluid reduces wear and scouring of clutch plates

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