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Air Conditioning Service

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Does your Car Air Conditioning need Servicing?

The benefits to having an air conditioning service on your Volkswagen or Audi;

  • Maintain the perfect in car temperature
  • Filters pollutants and airborne particles from the cabin relieving hayfever & asthma suffers
  • Clean fresh air, even in heavy traffic
  • A more efficient engine, increasing fuel economy
  • Prevents drowsiness and enhances driver awareness


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Air Conditioning Service

An air conditioning service is required at regular intervals due to the natural porosity of the hoses and components of modern vehicles.

The gas will leak slowly out of the air conditioning system at a rate of 15 – 20% per year, thereby making your system gradually less efficient until it finally stops working all together, due to the loss of the refrigerant.

It is advisable that an air conditioning service and recharge is carried out once every two years. If the system runs low on refrigerant and is not used for several months, there is a chance that the internal component seals could dry out leading to leaks. When the air conditioning is eventually recharged this could lead to expensive repairs.

To maintain your air conditioning in good working order it is advisable to run the system at least once a week for a few minutes at a time, even during winter months.

Leak Detection
Finding the leaks can be very time consuming and hence costly to the customer.
We have a variety of leak testing techniques at our disposal including high pressure testing, ultra violet dye and an electronic refrigerant sniffer. We can apply these individually or if necessary collectively to ensure we find elusive leaks.

Smells coming from your air conditioning?
Due to the dehumidifying nature of the air conditioning system, mould, fungus and bacteria can build up on the internal evaporator of the car (situated under the dashboard). This build up of bacteria can result in what is commonly known as “sick car syndrome”, whereby not only is an offensive smell given off whenever the air conditioning is switched on, but also occupants can feel sick or contract ear, nose and throat infections from your system.
We treat the evaporator and entire car interior using specialised disinfectant, killing all the bugs and leaving your air conditioning smelling sweetly.

We offer various levels of maintenance. See our Air Conditioning Service Options

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