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Service Plans

Service Plans

Volkswagen, Audi Inflation Proof Service Plans from just £19 per month

Get the peace of mind that your service costs for your Volkswagen or Audi are covered for the next 2 or 3 years for a fixed, inflation-proof sum each month.

What your plan covers

Having your Volkswagen or Audi serviced in line with the manufacturer’s specification is central to supporting reliability, safety and economy. The good news is, by opting for a Service Plan, you will have paid for the work required before your vehicle visits the service department. Your Service Plan can be tailored to suit all your vehicle servicing needs.

What’s more, your Service Plan is inflation-proof; if the price of parts or labour increases during the term of the plan, no problem – you won’t pay more.

Depending on the Service Plan you purchased and your own individual needs, you may have opted to include additional benefits. This can include regular MOTs, Air-Conditioning Service, Wheel Alignment, and fluid changes.

 How your plan works

It is really simple: your monthly Direct Debit covers the cost of all routine maintenance work – and any additional benefits included – for the service intervals shown on your documentation. By maintaining your payments, you will have enough money in your account ready to pay for the work required when your service is due.

The possible exception to this is if you cover a greater mileage than originally estimated when your plan was created which would mean your service was due ahead of your payment schedule. Whilst this means that you would need to “top-up” your payment, you could also arrange to reschedule your Direct Debit to accommodate your higher mileage.

 Features & benefits

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