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AA Warranty

AA Warranty

AA Warranty


At Les Pauls all of our Volkswagen Audi cars sold, outside of manufacturers warranty, are supplied with AA Gold or AA 5 star warranty cover.

AA Warranty is one of the UK’s biggest and longest established provider of Warranty and other after sales motoring products. They deal with thousands of customers claims per month, and have over two hundred thousand active customers.

You can also extend your warranty period at the time of your car purchase.

AA Promise

It is AA Warranty’s aim to deliver peace of mind motoring at a fair price to its customers. AA Warranty will endeavor to handle all claims quickly and accurately upon receipt of the correct documentation, and we will provide you with a claims process designed to be as simple, flexible and stress free as possible.

In most circumstances AA Warranty will recommend a local repairer who is fully conversant with our claims process to make things a little easier. AA Warranty endeavors to make all of their terms and conditions transparent and easy to understand.

 Why is it a good idea to purchase an AA Extended Warranty product?



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Gold Cover Guarantee - AA Warranty 5 Star Guarantee - AA Warranty

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