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Pre Inspection check sheet

150 point inspection sheet

150 Point Inspection Sheet

Pre Inspection at Les Pauls….for your peace of mind

Exterior Underside of Car Engine Electrics Interior Test Drive
Paintwork Tyres size Air Con Lights Interior condition Operation of controls
Panel alignment Tyre condition Condenser Headlight alignment Steering wheel Clutch operation
Body damage Wheels Oil level check Wipers Heated steering wheel Brake operation
Corrosion Tyre valves Coolant Audio system Steering lock operation Transmission-gear changes
Convertible roof Dampers Antifreeze strength Navigation system Seat operations Transmission vibrations
Bumpers Springs Water pump SRS system Seat belts Engine performance
Tyres Ride height Coolant Radiator Steering column Pedal operation Engine noise
Wheel rims Steering Hoses Memory functions Pedal rubbers Engine vibrations
Wheel trims Gaiters Coolant bottle Mirror functions Gearbox Transmission noise
Tyre wear Joints and bushes Fluid leaks Switches and controls Trims and fittings Excess smoke
Spare tyre Suspension arms Intercooler Air Conditioning Door seals Engine temperatures
Suspension Chassis Battery condition Climate control Sunroof and blind Steering performance
Doors Underfloor Noise checks Window operations Instrument panel Steering wheel alignment
Glass Corrosion Brake fluid level Sunroof Gauges Hand brake
Fuel cap Fluid leaks Drive belts Power hood Auxiliary sockets Cruise control
Fuel flap Brake discs Cold start Central locking Vanity mirrors Turbo charger
Mirrors Brake pads Hot start Child locks Wheel balance
Lights Brake pipes Clutch fluid Glove box locks Driveline vibrations
Exhaust Brake master cylinder Bonnet hinges Heated seats Gear selection operation
Door handles Power steering Pedestrian system Interior lighting Paddle shift operation
Door closures Hand brake Turbo Diagnostic check Wheel bearing noise
Door locks Engine Cruise control Traction control
Remote operation Engine mountings Ignition switch Stability control
Alarm operation Gearbox Start button Anti-lock brakes
Gearbox mountings Heated front screen Trip computers
Axles Heated rear screen Alarm/locking remotes
Axle mountings Windscreen washers
Exhaust condition
Exhaust mountings
Exhaust joints
Catalyst condition
Fuel tank
Fuel lines
Fuel leaks
Fuel hoses
Fuel filter condition


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